Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils with Honey Bee Theme
Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils with Honey Bee Theme
Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils with Honey Bee Theme
Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils with Honey Bee Theme

Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils with Honey Bee Theme

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This wood-burned design features a honeycomb banner, a sunflower, and a tiny bee. Our Honey Bee themed utensil set makes a great housewarming present, or replace old utensils in your home.

Medium Spatula: Comfortable in the hand, it is a good size for cooking in skillets and flat pans. Used on its side, it can be a serving tool or a scraper. 
Size: It measures about 14 inches long and 3 inches at the widest part.

Shallow Spoon: This utensil is an all-purpose tool; good for mixing, tasting and scraping. 
Size: It measures about 12 inches long and 2 inches at the widest part.

Scraper Spatula: This is an excellent multi-purpose mixing and scraping tool. It is great for scraping the inside corner of square and round pans. The longer handle makes it ideal for higher temperature stovetop cooking and the sharp edge allows for chopping in the pan. 
Size: It is about 10.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide at the widest part.

Wood Type: You can choose your wood type. Maple wood is the hardest so it will keep it’s edge longer. But it’s light color means it will show stains more with use. Cherry wood is softer but it’s darker color means it won’t show the stains as much.
* Because our wood is a natural material, it contains no BPA and it won’t melt on or scratch your non-stick pans! 

Our wood-burned utensils make cooking fun and make great gifts! They’re perfect gifts for:
Bridal Party Gifts
Wedding Gifts
Great Gifts for Your Favorite Cook or Baker
Housewarming Gifts
Gifts for Mom & Dad
Gifts for Grandma
Real Estate Closing Gifts
 * If you are ordering more than 6 sets, please contact us for a discount coupon code.

Care for it! All of our utensils are seasoned with our own mix of food-grade mineral oil and locally sourced organic beeswax. Clean yours with soap and water. You can disinfect them by rubbing half a lemon on it. Try to not leave it soaking, and we don't suggest putting it in the dishwasher. You can oil with food-grade mineral oil or a butcher block beeswax and mineral oil combo.

If your wooden kitchen utensils start to look dry or don't feel smooth, periodically rub them with - preferably our food-grade mineral oil and beeswax compound. Don't use food-based oil like vegetable or olive oil, since these types of oils can go rancid.