Our Story

Down on the Homestead

Years back my wife and I finally achieved our dream of buying a a couple dozen acres with a great view, and enough trees to mill up and build good products with.

The business really started one day when I ruined my favorite wooden cooking utensil. It was similar to the Extra-Long Handled Spatula I make today. Although it wasn't quite as nice as the original, I kept making them and people kept telling me I should start a booth at the farmer's market. Eventually I listened, but what really made them something special was when my beautiful wife began hand burning the most incredible art onto them. The rest, as they say, is history.

We stand behind our work and want you to enjoy these heirloom tools for a lifetime. If any of our utensils ever breaks or cracks due to defects in wood or workmanship, we will cheerfully replace at no cost to you.